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From: Ursula Sabisch, Sent: Wednesday, 27 March 2019 19:49


Subject: Head of customer service distribution list 

Free English translation on 19 September 2021.

Now embellish the Financial Scope.

But please no more with my money and the money of others!


Dear Mr. M. Engels,

By now even the most stupid of the stupid from Luebeck should have been informed about my person and should know or be able to understand that the money you are throwing around has not been earned by you and your kind for a long time.

There are others holding position and more!

These others have also earned the money honestly, just like my person for example, and this does not only happen on earth!

For this reason, too, unfortunately, my person, who as a rule is not necessarily unimaginative, can think of nothing more than a specific swear word, which is characteristic of your behaviour as so-called Luebeck citizens, when my person goes outside the door.

This is a term that comes to my mind again and again and nothing else will be expected from my person than this appropriate and justified term for such a low and vile manner and behaviour, which I do not want to put down in writing in full, as my person also has children and grandchildren who, seen from my person's side, unfortunately have to live in this city, as my sister has already been destroyed and my person will be next.

You and your ilk now have one more institution to fear; that one more institution now serves, if anything, my person!

So that no misunderstandings arise, I would like to describe the above term in more detail.

The beginning of the word in the plural is: Drecksschw....! (And four missing letters)

With best wishes,

Ursula Sabisch

HP: This mail belongs in one of my homepages, so that everyone understands where they stand and where they are going, because a very dangerous situation is being abused and has been abused!

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