Homepage for the First Cultural Trips

The German-language document you may find here!

How about a family trip on a mailboat to the North Pole for my person and some of my family?

Swiftly, swiftly.......travelling!

And what about Rome and what about Hamburg?

And what about you and everyone else?

Travelling with a mouth guard and hand protection is possible for my person if necessary!*

Were you and others born here on God's earth with any privileges; privileges that past generations did not have?

You will all please consider carefully what you, of all people, can accomplish in the matter and commission of our all Creator!

*CORONA 24 March 2020

The World-Cultural-Heritage

The Cultural-Shock

If you and all others want to have a right to justification to live, then please move all of you as soon as possible in the right direction on different ways, which have been given here on the Internet via different homepages by my person, which will especially also affect the present rulers!